B logging, some people laugh at those of us who blog. Let’s face it, most of us started blogging as a way to keep track of our research or to have a central location for our family to read about what we our most recent discovery was. There are so many more reasons to blog about your ancestors, this is my list of 10 Reasons to Blog About Your Ancestors.


  1. Its cousin bait! Do you have an ancestor with a unique last name? If so, there is a chance that someone is out there, googling that name to see if they can find any information on it. For me it was the Mlinarcsik name. It is rare and because of that, I found a new reader and possible cousin. We are still working on that.
  2. Making friends with common interests. Does your family get that glazed over look when you mention a deceased relative? They just know you are going to speak forever about stuff they would rather not listen to. With a blog, you never get that glazed over look. Instead, you will find others with a common interest that are excited to read about each discovery you make.
  3. Research Assistance. Do you have a brick wall that you cannot get past? Blog about it, include all the information you have and what resources you have used to attempt to break it down. You will be surprised at where your next clue might come from! For me, a reader from another country broke down my O’Connell brick wall and I am very grateful for her assistance.
  4. If you do not tell the story of your ancestors, who will? No one! They want to be remembered. We all want to know that our life mattered. They are no different.
  5. It is a great place to work out each family line. Sometimes we need to look at information a few different ways to actually see everything that is there.
  6. A perfect place to transcribe your records. Maybe someone who witnessed the legal proceedings of your ancestors has a genealogist in their family. What if they are googling their ancestors name and find you? You can make a connection with a family that already had a connection to your family. You both might find pictures of each others family photographs.
  7. Share what you have learned. Did you attend a conference or lecture recently? Did one of the lectures stick out for you? Blog about what it taught you and how you used it to assist in your research. Others want to learn as well and maybe they could not afford the conference.
  8. Someone else might have the family bible you are looking for! We all hope that one day someone is going to contact us with the family bible. What if someone picked your family bible up at an antique store? You would want them to find you quickly, right?
  9. Meet family you did not know about. We talked about cousin bait above and how it is a great way to get people reading your blog. But, wouldn’t you want to meet that cousin of Uncle Fred’s wife? She just might have some family photo’s that she will let you scan or she might have family stories that she has been patiently waiting to share with someone who wants to know about the family.
  10. Someone else holds the key to your family mystery or secret. Again, we go back to cousin bait or meeting strangers that turn out to be family members, it is an important process for genealogists. For me, it was my grandfather’s cousin (who knew nothing about him) that provided me with a bit more information about Marie O’Connell who happened to be buried with all of my O’Connell relatives in Hudson Falls, NY. I thought she might be related, but it was possible that is was a coincidence as well. The cousin had a picture with dates listed on the back, and Marie was on there. She had no clue who most of the people were and I was able to provide her with that information.

These are all great reasons to start blogging about your ancestors! So, what are you waiting for?


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