**Though this post has nothing to do with the research of my lineage, I thought I would share it anyway. To me the stories give a sense of who we were or who our ancestors were. If we do not write them down and share them. The information will be lost to our descendants and that is never good.**

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Jeff Kubina

When I was young, I spent much of my time with my maternal Grandmother, Margaret (Ida) Jaeger-Fischer-O’Connell. She was my babysitter, and for lack of better names, she was a mother to me and many of her grandchildren. I was a lucky little girl to be able to spend so much time with a family member, instead of a stranger. To be guided with the love of my grandmother is something I will never forget. Ida had a few home remedies that she used to help her ailing grandchildren while they were sick. Spending this last week couch surfing due to bronchitis really made me think about the things she would do for me when I was sick.

When I was congested, Grandma would take a bit of camphor and sew it into the toe of an old sock and pin it to our undershirts for the day. Camphor, when inhaled is used as a decongestants.

For an earache, she would put a few drops of sweet oil into my ear and then add a cotton ball for the day. After doing a bit of reading today, it seems that the sweet oil is actually olive oil and it was called sweet oil because of the sweet taste.

When the chicken pox made its way through our family members, she would draw a warm bath with baking soda to draw the pox out. Instead of spending a week or two waiting for all of the annoying little pox to appear, the bath would facilitate the process. I remember getting into the tub with just a few marks and getting out of the tub covered.

Of course, these are the only remedies I remember her using on her grandchildren. But, in full disclosure, I was only eight when she passed away. I am sure she had many that she used on the older grandchildren.

Of these three remedies, the only thing I have used is the baking soda bath for the chicken pox. When my youngest was 3 she brought the chicken pox home from day care. She went straight into the bath and I truly believe it assisted with drawing her pox out as well. Though, I highly doubt she will remember this home remedy when she gets older.

Do you have any home remedies that were passed down in your family?

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