Finding Our Ancestors

Taking A Look At Genealogy

Decide if You Want to Participate in a Genealogical Project

Making the initial choice to join an adventure into genealogy might be the most difficult. It might be a delicate balancing act where you could either come out on top or have a promising beginning.

This choice truly asks whether you are prepared and able to invest the time, effort, and resources required to attain your objectives. The amount of time and money spent might possibly spiral out of control, but by setting realistic goals, it will be much simpler to maintain control.

Since you are the one who establishes such aims, you must first be aware of some possible goals for yourself. Do not make yourself a failure. Instead of rushing headlong into your first brick wall, it is best to start off with modest goals that you can adjust as you go.

What is Genealogy?

Genealogy, sometimes known as a family history, is the study of a family's beginnings and past. The lineage of aristocratic, royal, or religious blood lines was first used in order to obtain and demand respect in the 14th century.

Getting Started

At the very beginning, it is important to start with yourself. You are the first branch when it comes to your family tree. Start with the known and work toward the unknown. Find out all of the vital information you can about you, then your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and further down.

There are four key things to look for when starting your search: names, dates, places, and relationships. People can be identified by names, dates of important events in their lives, places they have lived, and relationships with others in records.

The Basics

Look to relatives as a source. Preserve information and memories. Identify people in old photographs. Always remember that there are no stupid questions if there are answers to those questions. Make sure to collect and store documents and photos for the future. It might be helpful to reach out to relatives to collaborate with. Be sure to organize what you have collected and build some confidence along the way. Always re-evaluate your current and future goals. If you hit a brick wall, there is always more to search for.